Morning person/Night owl

I am a morning person. My Love is not.

So we’ve come to an understanding. I’m Suzy Homemaker in the morning. She’s Suzy Homemaker at night.

I get up a couple of hours before she does. I handle the overnight work questions and read the papers. When the bakery around the corner opens, I get  brioches and croissants and pains ordinaires, make the coffee, wake her up, give her coffee, make and serve breakfast and get us out the door.

My Love founded and runs a successful business. She doesn’t have a boss to complain if she leaves early (after 10 hours, say) or works from home. She’s turning over management to her partners so she can start having a life.

I’ve just started my new job, which is ridiculously demanding, incredibly challenging and the second most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done. I’m lucky if I get out by 8 PM.

She makes dinner. I text her updates so she can time it. I call before I leave the office. It’s ready, with a glass of wine, when I walk in the door.

She loads the dishwasher. I do the pots and pans.

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