12 thoughts on “Style question

  1. Say fiancé for as long as you can! Once you get married you can only call her your wife! I slipped and called my wife ‘my girlfriend’ the other day at work and all my colleagues started screaming ‘your wife!! your wife!!’. Four years my girlfriend, two months my fiancé, forever my wife. :) I think that you call her ‘My love’ is super adorable though. I never liked calling her my fiancé, felt weird, but was a little fun. Just do whatever you feel most comfortable with :)

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    • I’ve only been at it a couple of weeks, and I love saying “fiancée”. (There, I said it again!)

      I’ve never been able to call her my girlfriend. It just didn’t sit right with me, when girls use to mean their friends who happen to be girls.

      From the moment I first told her that I loved her, I’ve called her, “My Love”. I never wanted any ambiguity about who we were to each other.

      PS: She calls me her “sweetie”. That’s cute coming from woman in her late-30s who makes Wall Street Masters of the Universe cower before her.


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