It’s not the heat …

Now I understand the line,

It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.

The last few days, the heat in New York City has been brutal. Yesterday, the high was 96 F (36 C). It’s much hotter on the subway platform. The subway cars are air conditioned, but that just means pumping the heat out of the car and into the stations and tunnels.

Back home, it gets hot in the summer. 90 F (32 C) to 100 (38 C) – or hotter – during the day.

The air is thin. Cloud cover is normally, at most, lovely little puffs that march in a lattice across the impossibly blue sky. The shadows race across the valleys.

It doesn’t rain much. The summer rain tends to be in thunderstorms, which can be violent.

I don’t mind that heat back home.

It’s hot, but it’s dry. Sweat evaporates quickly, leaving me feeling clean and cool. Here, sweat is just sticky.

Even on the hottest days back home, it gets cool in the evening. On a 90 F (32 C) day, it will usually be 50 F (10 C) or cooler in the evening.

I love to sleep with the windows open, with the breeze just tickling the curtains. When I was a little girl, I loved to wake up just as the sun was coming in the window, the cicadas starting to make noise, the curtains rustling, the warmth on my back, the smell of the clean air.

I hate air conditioning. I hate the processed taste of the air. I hate the noise of the compressor and fan.

The only times I used air conditioning back home were in job site trailers, to keep the dust down.

I don’t have air conditioning in my apartment. My Love has a couple of window units, which were inadequate to cool even a single room the last few nights.

We’d both rather turn them off and open the windows, even on the hottest nights. Her bedroom has a big ceiling fan, which is wonderful.

The heat is an incentive to work late – Stay in the office air conditioning; avoid the crush on the subway platform.

It’s also an incentive to go to the beach house. It’s normally 10 F (5 C) to 20 F (11 C) cooler, with a nice breeze and (surprising to me) less humidity.

My Love has been working from our rental house on Fridays and Mondays. She goes up Friday morning and picks me up at the train on Friday afternoon. She drops me at the train early Monday morning and drives down on the afternoon.

I didn’t want to do that – I thought it would send the wrong message to the senior guys in my firm. But they all work from their weekend houses on Fridays (and some of them on Mondays, too). They told me I’m crazy to be in the office on Fridays. I’m going to take them at their word.

So we’re both going up tonight and coming back on Monday night.

4 thoughts on “It’s not the heat …

  1. I have wondered how living in the city has been going for you. Having grown up in Colorado, I spent one summer in Boston while I was in college. It was a fabulous summer in a lot of ways, but I just CRAVED green trees and dirt, clean air, and quiet. I remember camping on weekends to get out, and just feeling liberated when I got out of the car at the campground. Do you think you two will return to the wild west eventually?

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    • I was oblivious for the first couple of months. It was all so amazing and new, and I was in love for the first time in my life. Everything is larger than life. I fell in love with the subway. It tickled my engineer’s bones. I love the food, the diversity, the craziness, the opera, the theater. I love her friends, who discuss literature and monetary economics and history and … You know that scene in Casablanca where Ilsa talks about how Lazlo opened her eyes to the world?

      I do miss the West. But right now, I need to be here. I need to make it here, on the big stage. That overrides everything. Yes, I’m crazy ambitious.

      And it’s still the most amazing place.

      I’ll write something in a bit about our plans. Both of us want to raise our kids out West, in family, at the same run-down, amazing public schools we went to. It’s at least 5 years before we have kids ready for school, so that fits well with my ambitions and my fiancee’s transition plan for her business.

      Having the beach house helps a lot. I understand why my fiancee has been going home for August every year.

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  2. NYC subways in the summer are absolutely the worst! 10+ years of having lived in NYC and i STILL loathe it…it never gets better friend…i used to make fun of my friends who moved to Nevada and would always say, “It’s 110 degrees, but it’s a dry heat” and i would say, dry heat my behind! Until i went there and it was 110 and it was less hot than the 85 in NYC. I believe them now…NY summers are terrible!

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