Well, OK then

In a box on the administrative page for this blog, WordPress shows the search terms that people have used to find it. Today was a red-letter day: There was something in that box! Somebody had found my blog using Google search!

What was the magic search? What thirst for knowledge led someone to that profound oracle, the Family Values Lesbian?

lutheran funeral jello

Whoever you are, I hope you’re satisfied with the result of your search.

20 thoughts on “Well, OK then

    • I’ve put up deeply philosophical posts about the Supreme Court, about love, about Catholic Doctrine, and what am I famous for? Lime jello with mandarin oranges and Miracle Whip.

      I mean, just think about the inherent sexism of that! Google perpetuating the patriarchy!

      It’s enough to make a girl cry.

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  1. Ha! I feel your pain. I once mentioned on my blog that I listened to Peter Hollens’s music. You know what constantly shows up in the search terms that lead people to my blog? “Is Peter Hollens Christian”.

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