National Coffee Day

Bumbi’s Mom has a love letter to coffee, which pretty much sums it up.

Until I met my Love, coffee was whatever came out of the urn at a jobsite or a diner nearby.

My Love, on the other hand … “Fanatic” would not be too strong a word.

Just to give you an idea: She has three burr grinders, one set for the filter coffeemaker, one for the French press and one for the espresso machine. The espresso machine is a brass, lever-action Pavoni – a gorgeous work of art.

My Love is NOT a morning person.

On the first morning I stayed in her apartment, I was up first. I made coffee. When she woke up, I brought her a cup in bed.

She took one sip. Without a word, she got up, went to the kitchen, poured the cup down the drain, picked up the pot and poured it down the drain. Then,

Sweetie, I love you more than life itself. But if I have to get up before you to keep you from making ghastly coffee, this is going to be a short romance.

And she showed me how to make coffee. It took me a half-dozen tries before I made a pot that she would even taste.

She wouldn’t let me touch the Pavoni until I’d been in New York for months. It was a month before I could pull an espresso that didn’t taste like hot water soaked in the butts of cheap cigars. It was another month before I could pull an acceptable crema.

Now, she will even drink my espresso. I’ve never been so proud of any accomplishment. I bask in the glow of her favor.

And I’m as fanatic as she is about coffee.

7 thoughts on “National Coffee Day

  1. As a non coffee drinker myself, at one point my husband fired me with the words of “clearly if you don’t drink it, you cannot make it.” Now years later with lots of instruction I am now able to make a decent espresso for him. :)

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  2. I’m more of the nearest-diner type of coffee drinker, but I’m always envied people who have a very refined palate. Wine I can do, coffee not so much. Secretly, I’m really eager for all this TTC nonsense to be done so that I can drink ALL the coffee and really hone my skills.

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    • one more tidbit – my wife and I previously agreed that when we are done having kids, we’re going to buy a really nice espresso machine. We think the torture of not being able to use it while pregnant would be too much, haha.

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      • Waitaminnit, now – No espresso when pregnant? Nobody told me that! How will I survive?!? Worse, how will my Love survive?

        Bad enough to be a raging mass of hormones and puking all morning. Endure that without coffee? This could lead me to question the theory of evolution by natural selection …


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