Protected posts

There are things I want to express in private, to fellow lesbians.

My Love and I are new to this. Neither of us has had any other intimacy with another woman. We’re making it up as we go along.

I may want to express a thought only to those who might understand it first-hand. I may have a question for those who might have first-hand knowledge. I may want to express something intimate without exciting straight prurience.

So I will protect some posts.

  • If you’re an adult lesbian, please, please, please use the form below to ask for the password. And please help me, even if it’s just by reading it.
  • If you are a bisexual woman, please feel free to ask, but let me know.
  • If you are a lesbian under 21, please feel free to ask, but let me know. Some of these posts are for mature adults.
  • Otherwise, please respect my wishes. Don’t ask for the password.

The password will be the same for all Protected posts, unless otherwise specified.

Please use this form to request the password.

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