I went sailing today.

I’ve never been on a sailboat before. I grew up over 500 miles from salt water. I suppose that’s the nearest place to home that people sail, although maybe they do it on the big reservoirs.

It wasn’t just sailing, it was racing. Three races, actually.

It was cold. It rained. Waves swept over the boat.

I borrowed a rain jacket and waterproof bib overalls, and I still got wet. (The guy I borrowed them from called them, “foulies”.  Just checked it out on Urban Dictionary: “What sailors call their foul weather gear, which consits [sic] of a raincoat rainpants combo, among other accessories.”

I heard a lot of other new words. Some of them are so odd that I suspect I was being practiced upon.

I have bruises all over my body. I wrenched my shoulder. I have a gash up the back of one finger. I don’t remember how I got any of those injuries. Every muscle in my body hurts.

It was great! I’m doing it again next weekend!