Our story: Undies

The first time I got my Love down to her undies, I fell in love with them. She wears the most gorgeous French and Italian lingerie.

The first time she got me down to my undies, she threatened to go through my lingerie drawer and burn its entire contents.

She couldn’t carry through on the threat immediately. Nobody in our neck of the West carries her favorite undies.

The first time I came to New York, she carried through. She took me to Barneys and the Town Shop.

I had never had a professional fitting. I always just bought whatever seemed to fit and hold things up. I was all wrong. The fitter put me in a different band and cup. She suggested different bra styles. They were incredibly flattering, not only on their own, but under clothes.

They fit! They supported me! They were comfortable!

Oh, my God, they are so beautiful! Where have you been all my life, Simone Perele, Eres?

Not cheap. Worth every penny.

There is nothing more enjoyable than being in a dressing room, squiggling in and out of high-end bras and undies, with your sweetie casting a critical eye and a fitter poking and plumping and making tailoring notes to get them to Fit. Just. Right.