Annals of anti-science

100 “Scholars of Marriage” have filed a brief with the Supreme Court supporting the states with bans on same-sex marriage. They may be scholars of marriage, but they certainly are not scholars of data, statistics or science.

This is the worst abuse of data I have ever seen. (I initially wrote “abuse of statistics”, but there is nothing resembling actual statistics in it.)

It’s not even pseudo-science. It’s anti-science.

Major multinationals pay my Love tens of millions of dollars a year to analyze data for major business decisions.  This is so bad it made her giggle. She does not giggle.

I don’t care what your views are on same-sex marriage, this is a mind-bogglingly embarrassing abuse of data. Did they not show it to one, single person who knows one, single thing about the most basic notions of statistics?

[hat tip: mikenelson91]