Ground rules

After publishing a post, I may (and often will) re-edit it.

Comment policy:

  • I read all comments and take them seriously.
  • I have strong opinions and express them strongly. Please feel free to do likewise.
  • Please keep comments relevant to the post you  are commenting on.
  • I may edit your comment to fix an obvious error that does not affect its substance (e.g., typographical errors or adding paragraph breaks). My only interest is in making you look good.
  • I will not edit your comment to change its substance, unless you approve.
  • I have no obligation to allow your comment to appear on my blog.
  • I may reject any comment that does not meet my standards of taste and civility.
    • I am an old-fashioned girl. Keep that in mind.
    • I have spent my life on construction jobsites. Vulgarity does not impress me.
  • I don’t expect you to have my standards of grammar and vocabulary.
    • Please feel free to comment, even if you are not a native speaker of English and even if you do not consider yourself articulate.
    • I may suggest edits to improve the clarity of your comment.
  • This is not a twitter or texting app. I am more likely to reject a comment than I am to try to decipher txt or twitter abbreviations.

One thought on “Ground rules

  1. I love the “I have spent my life on construction jobsites. Vulgarity does not impress me.”
    I relate but in a way where you lose legitimacy for me when you ruin your opinion by being overly vulgar.

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