Bath time

I have spent my whole adult life at construction jobsites in the mountains and high desert. During the day, it’s outside: Dry air, dust and harsh sunlight in summer. Dry air, ferocious wind, snow and harsh sunlight in winter. At night, it’s a jobsite doublewide, a scruffy little room in a scruffy little motel or a rotty little apartment. Home, such as it was, was the studio apartment that I originally rented for grad school.

Until I moved to New York. I have a nice little apartment in 1920s-vintage building. A bedroom, a little kitchen with landlord appliances and a living room/dining room. A bathroom. It’s nice – much better than anyplace I’ve lived before – but nothing special. Except for one thing:

A huge claw-foot bathtub.

My Love’s first present to me was a bottle of Jo Malone Lime Basil and Mandarin bath oil. It’s exquisite.

I love a long soak in that after a tough day. Or after any day. The scent is subtle and delicious. My skin is wonderfully soft.

I’m in a profession dominated by men, especially at the levels I work. I love to

[Ooops. I hit the Publish button too soon. I actually do have a thought here, which I will post as soon as I have time to develop it. – FVL]

[PS: Further thoughts are here – FVL]

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