Beach house

Last week wasn’t all bad.

My Love and I rented a tiny (600 square foot) beach house for the summer.

It’s a marvel of space efficiency. The bedroom is just big enough for the bed. The kitchen is just big enough for a Wolf range/convection oven, a sink, a refrigerator and four feet of counter space. The bathroom is just big enough for a sink, shower and toilet.

The rest of the house is one big room, extending all the way up to the roof. One wall is all windows, looking west over a cove of Long Island Sound. Sunsets are said to be spectacular.

An outdoor shower!

Hydrangeas. Roses. Beach roses. Daffodils. Daisies. Oaks and maples and cedars.

And lilacs! I love lilacs.

The town has a classic New England green, a classic New England Congregational church, a farmstand full of gorgeous produce and a bakery/espresso shop that makes an outrageous raspberry-corn muffin and an excellent espresso. The coffee shop roasts its own beans. My Love (who knows about these things) proclaims they’re the best she’s tasted.

The town also has an ice cream shop with the best ice cream either of us has ever eaten (and we are both ice cream connoisseurs). There’s a rumor that the best donuts in America are a little further up the coast.

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